Saturday, August 19, 2006

Threats. Extortion. Reprisals.

Over and over again, one board is mentioned, and has been for years.

Oh, and you can add censorship. Not moderation of what appears on their board, mind, but going to other places like Escort Blogs, or private business sites and banning women saying things they don't want to hear, like how many of the reviews are easily faked to gain access to the site by those men who don't want to pay for membership. Read their terms; reviews equal free access.

Gee whiz...see any problems there?

Or about how rude and unpleasant clients who frequent that board act to the ladies? Many of us now have no interest at all in clients from The Erotic Review, as more authentic venues like blogs and websites provide a more respectful reflection of our personalities and much better clients than dinosaurs like The Erotic Review can ever hope to compete with.

Want to know what a particular lady is like? Read her blog or website.

Want to know who hasn't been laid since 1973 and gets off on posting demeaning and juvenile 'reviews' of women they've never seen in order to get access to The Erotic Reviews's fourth-rate Penthouse Letters knockoffs? In that case, The Erotic Review may be just your kind of place. If so, please, don't call any ladies who want nothing to do with that board, because you've shown yourself to be not anyone we'd want as a client.

Here's a recent experience of M's...(reprinted with permission)

TER is Raunchy!

I think I have had enough of TER guys. They think they can do and say whatever they want!

First off, TER is not thruthfull. Half of my reviews are fake. Someone just wanted to get a free membership so they write a fake review.

This one guys is harrassing me now, because he doesn't know if I "spit or swallow" WTF?

I DON'T DO EITHER, my health comes first. And now this guy is harrassing another one of my guys asking why he gave me a 10 since I dont do that.


Here how the email goes.

Stupid fuker- "lovely site and pics!!!

how may i view your TER reviews only?"

Me-"Why would you want to just view the TER reviews? I guess you need to pay for a membership."

Stupid Fucker- "member , but couldn't locate your TER"

Me-"I have lot's of reviews under M...."

Stupid Fucker-"as i was saying......your profile says you dont drink protein shakes , but some of your clients say you i'm not sure if i wanna book with you............thanks anyway"

My last email pretty much says, don't email me anymore, TER is not thruthfull and he needs to find someone else. Now usually I don't answer to AOL or people who can't type a complete sentence, but I'm feeling a bit like a bitch today and felt the need to tell a few assholes off....

Now the question is......How do I get my reveiws off? I have tried in the past and got them taken off back in 2002, but really....I don't like TER guys...I REALLY don't! They have no respect for women and are nasty fucking assholes....

Any help?

Thanks, I'm done venting....

Followed by this;

I've been banned from TER!!!

What am I going to do now?

Without the nasty emails and raunchy skanks?

LOL....My reviews have been taken down, which someone told me about. So I went to see for myself, and tried to log on and this is what it says..

"You have been Banned!
It is unfortunate that sometimes in our little community it is necessary to ask certain people not to return. We wish you all the best of luck in whatever you choose to do. If you believe our decision was in error please email us at"

This feels good!!! Damn, I feel great now.

Someone from here either said something to them, or they read my blog...

Either way, I'm happy. I don't need rude guys emailing me anymore....

Happy Thursday everyone!!!!

Glad I have my own directory that has class...



Some comments by other women;

K made one on 08/16/2006 @ 06:16 pm

I'm not the least bit impressed with TER. I have one review on there from last year and it is bogus...never met the guy who wrote it. Hope he's enjoying his free membership...

C made one on 08/16/2006 @ 10:58 pm

You truly don't need TER. Now you may have to pay for more advertising but it is worth it. I actually make more now that I am not on TER than if I was. I don't want or need the services because of false info and men who seem to want to be hurtful just because they can.

Here is a good formula:


And post your schedule to and CityVibe under erotic services.

And also invest in Google AdWords. It drives crazy traffic and you set your spending limits. I get at least four apts a month out of it and spend $30-60 bucks. That is less than a $1.00 per day and wow, what a return.

J made one on 08/17/2006 @ 08:38 am

we don't call it the SCUM BOARD for nothing ;~~)

you'll be fine sweetie, many of us boycott that slime board, and do very well.

L made one on 08/13/2006 @ 08:30 pm

I refuse to allow reviews on TER. I find it demeaning, degrading and disgusting. The men who are review obsessed are generally misogynistic pigs. I haven't had reviews there in YEARS and I do just fine. Don't allow anyone to tell you that you NEED reviews in order to be a successful sexworker. And truth be known, if a potential client is so obsessed that he won't see me without them, he's probably not my type of client anyway.

K made one on 08/14/2006 @ 03:10 am

Hey M!

I totally agree with ya about TER being nasty.

I had all my reviews removed a long while ago and it didn't hurt me one bit!

All you should have to do is email their support and ask them to delist you - this may take a couple trys. If they fail to do so just have your attorney contact them for you and that should take care of it.

However, be aware that if you ask them to take down your reviews you will not be allowed to post or advertise on TER afterward. If you do not allow reviews on their site they will ban you. So if it is a site that you wish to maintain access to you may not want to remove your reviews.

I do know that myself and several other ladies removed our reviews and it has not had any ill effects on our client base. Best decision I ever made!

Best decision more and more of us are making every day.

Do yourselves a favour, boys; dump The Erotic Review. Find a board that respects both yourself and the ladies. Otherwise, we'll have to assume you're in it for the circle-jerks with the good 'ol boys rather than as a real man looking for his perfect lady to give him some fabulous lovin'! You're better than that aren't you?