Thursday, June 15, 2006

D's Rant, Reposted With Permission From Escort Blogs

My Rant About TER

I know this blog is going to make me extremely UNPOPULAR with the folks at TER, but...

Oh well!!!

Here I am, doing all the bumping and grinding, yet I can't go on for free and find out what guys I've seen are writing about me. That sucks!

So I guess I need to start shelling out $20 per month just to read what my clients are saying about my service.

Just goes to show whose side TER is really on...and that side doesn't have two tits, wider hips, and a cookie!

Boo Hoo....

What happened to freedom of speech? Oh well...CRAP OCCURS!!!

What are your feelings on this? Providers? Clients? Reviewers?

Let me know...I'm home tonight studying for my Algebra test...and wondering what the hell my June 10 review says! LOL

P.S. Thanks to Algebra class,I can now figure out the circumference of a man's penis! LMAO

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Waaay Too Many Irons

...the fire these days, so I won't be doing too much here until Fall. But if you've got something sizzling, shoot me an email :)

Rumour Has It...

A lot of the boys are jumping the TER and Big Doggie ships in favour of smaller boards with less bullshit...of the TER and Big Doggie variety. Problem is, little boards get cliquey and can be used as a hidey hole to snipe at the ladies from. So not sure if this is the best use of your energy, gents. How about supporting smaller boards that are fair to you, and us ladies? Win/win, don't you think?

Here's an example;

They've yanked the ladder back up in the all-boy treehouse so nobody else can signup and get a look at the joint...

But a little birdie flew all the way across the border to tell me a something about it.

Apparently, its administrators are:

Ricky Desi

The heavy-posting core are:

Lex Luethor

Other TER/BD names you may recognize are;


And this is an amazing bit of information; a 'gentleman' by the name of Smelly Smegma (ok...ewwwwww!) got hacked and all his many, many handles are seeing the light of day in an erzatz blog...all 802 of them!. Yeah, you read that right. Eight Hundred and two.

I'm really starting to wonder if there's only 100 pooners in North America with five hundred handles each. Sure explains why the same damn topics keep coming up ad nauseum;

Anyone here ever gone out with an SP?
BBBJ; pros and cons.
Will DATY kill me?
Rates are too high!
What's with this giving up info shit?
What's GFE supposed to be?
Donation before or after?
Blah, blah, blah...

I figure in this 100 are;

20 dumbasses
20 newbies
20 actual potential clients
10 white knights
20 woman-hating assholes
10 permanent lurkers boards. More funner than a stick in the eye. Sometimes :)