Saturday, May 20, 2006

A Wildcat Pussy Strike!

The national boards don't give a flying fuck about you...and yet without you, they don't get reviews and without content, they can't sell memberships. We *are* their business.

I'm already banned on TER for "gettin' uppity". And it's an honour. We aren't slaves.

I swear to God, if there was a way to really rally the troops we could find a board run by decent people and give them the chance of a lifetime; getting *all* the women onboard who have been treated so poorly by TER. We'll drop TER on its ass.

It would be profoundly great if we could all post the blurb below, on the same day and get banninated like crazy.

"Due to the questionable business ethics of TER, we have joined the other (bazillion) women who will no longer contribute to a board that bullies, censors, and patronizes hard-working women who deserve better.

Can you just imagine TER mods going batshit?

Our sites could redirect them to the new board. We could have a brief blurb as to why we are re-posting TER reviews. We deserve more than the back of the bus and if we stick together on an issue like this, we have *enormous* power.

TER is very invested in us staying quiet, and so they target us one girl at a time. But if there are thousands of us, he *cannot* do it; that's why birds fly in in numbers really does work.

I suspect TER knows that if we did this, they'd take a huge hit to the wallet, and that's why they have that vile TER Mailbag. There doing what ranchers do; hanging a dead coyote on a fence "to scare off the others".

I'm sure that's the true purpose of the TER Mailbag; posting emails of women begging to be unbanned to knock that foolishness right out of our pretty little heads. I call bullshit on that. If clients know where our reposted reviews are - and believe me they will because this is going to cause an almighty uproar! - the type of clients we want will gladly jump ship.

The ones that stay? We don't want them. I'd rather have the guys who understand RESPECT, because they'll respect us. The guys who understand SMART is attractive in a woman, and STRENGTH is sexy.

We'll be getting tons of promotion from guys pissing and moaning, not understanding that we'll be getting tons of hits from the curious, wondering what the idiots are so worked up about.

It's always a lot harder to attack a movement, instead of screwing us over one at a time...which, incidently, works very well, so they have no reason to stop doing it.

Think about some guy frothing about about our mass dumping of TER;

"Hey everybody, stay away from;

Zoe etc. etc. etc., times thousands.

How can anybody take the guy seriously. We can't all be old, fat, crazy, on drugs, thieves, ugly, smelly, or any of the usual crap they throw at us. They have power because they already are a big group. Well, so are we! There are thousands of us.

They will be pricks about it, but will be blowing their credibility, and letting the ugly that was always there get a big old light shone on it. The more they wig out, the stronger they make our case. Basically, "See? That's exactly what I was talking about? These really are nasty people"

They cannot win this one if we act as a group. It's a numbers game, pure and simple. TER apparently forgot rules number #1 and #2 in intimidation tactics; never back somebody into a corner and never push too far, because you'll be fighting someone with nothing to lose.

We are not amused.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

SWAG; Sex Work Assistance Guide

Discovered a great site yesterday called SWAG; Sex Work Assistance Guide at

This is their terrific mission statement;

This site is a work in progress. We welcome input and resources. If you have resources / writing to pass on please do! If you see a section you could add to please feel free to contact us as well ;)

You may add links to sex work resources in our links section. Find the category that best suits your link area and submit it. For a limited time it will be loaded automatically. Thank you for helping us fill our resources.

We are a collective of Sex Workers - researching information for ourselves and for women, men and transgendered persons involved in or considering entering sex work. We will use a popular education, non-judgmental framework. Basically - we are positive about sex work. We do it and we like it.. but this isn't a faerie tale, and we acknowledge that there are ups and downs. But we feel that we might as well tell it like it is - or as it could be.

We acknowledge that there are those who enslave and force persons to perform sex work and are adamant about seeing an end to this practice. More coming soon..

This site is dedicated to sharing information on playing as safe as we can, and on keeping ourselves healthy and sane. By exchanging information and educating each other on what the risks are we will learn to make choices that we as individuals are most comfortable with.

Other guides will let us explore how to protect ourselves from unsafe and undesirable clients, and minimizing risks from law enforcement. the list goes on..

We will also be exploring the Worlds of Sex Work - from street work, brothels, incall's, outcall's, bars, truck stops, phone work, stripping, fetish - there are many areas to explore.

We'll also be exploring the way we run our businesses - from agencies, collectives and independents to pimping, there are things which work and others that just don't.

Great stuff, especially if you have no mentor, or don't know a soul in the business; it's awfully nice to be safer and smarter without having to reinvent the wheel :)

Friday, May 12, 2006

Want To See Arrogance In Action?

The Review Board Mailbag

Nobody should have the kind of perceived power that brings groveling. It's grotesque. One by one people will drop The Erotic Review, and one by one, new boards will form that treat people fairly and well.

The Erotic Review, thy name is hubris. You know what they can't fool all of the people all of the time.

If You Have Info You Think Should Be Here...

let me know. I'll work on this site as I find material of interest.

Email me at, and I'll post it.