Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Off Hours is a New Review Board That Sounds Great...

Hello there,

I am writing to tell you of another way to get your services out. A new review board has started and could use your help. The address is www.theoffhours.com. Stop by and support your hobbyist or providers. If you are interested as well, there will be cards available to pass out to your clients and/or peers. Just drop me an email with how many you would like. Thanks.

Warmest Regards,
Admin The Off Hours

Hello Admin :)

I have a few questions, most importantly being; do you provide a way
for providers to respond to false reviews? This is a major issue these
days, especially to a board just starting out and looking for support
from the community.

As a board starting out, that's going to be very important if you want
providers to participate in any way, particularily if you want them to
pay to advertise. More and more of us have had it with how easy it is
for review boards to be used by malicious clients to smear a
provider's reputation with false reviews of sessions that didn't even
happen, or those who threaten us with a bad review if they don't get a reduced rate, or services we do not provide because of safety concerns.

I myself have a no review policy with all board save ones that give me a way to protect my livelihood from these unscrupulous people, and more ladies are changing to a NRP daily. I will support your board if I feel it'll support me by operating in an ethical matter.

I run a fledgling board called "I'm With The Banned" at;


whose mission is to become a clearing house of information, both
negative and positive, about the practices of review boards. If you're
going to run a fair board with an opportunity for the providers who
make your business possible to respond to untrue reviews, I would be
happy to promote your site as ethical; if not, I'll wait for feedback,
and if it's consistently negative, will deal with that on my board as
I see fit.

Basically, running an ethical board is a win/win situation, because it
keeps the troublemakers and multiple handle cowboys off your board,
and will save your mod's sanity, as well as positioning your new board
as being a positive part of the industry. Should you be wondering, I have no affiliation with TnA or any other review board because I want to be impartial and fair to all boards that I may review.

Thank you for your time, and best of luck

Jane Doe :)

Admin The Off Hours
to me

First let me say thank you for taking the time to even ask. Most people would not go to the trouble you did and take the time to write as much as you did. For that, thank you. That said, I am not new to running boards and/or the hobbying/provider world. I used to drive for a few girls, have made website for them and consider myself their friends and vice versa. The point you brought up is PRECISELY why this board was started. I had heard complaints from both
providers and hobbyists that other boards were getting flooded with bs. I will not name names as I feel it inappropriate but you seem pretty savvy on which ones they are.

I absolutely give every one the benefit of the doubt when accused. If you want to check out another site I run www.intense-training.com, you will see the nature of the discussions lends itself to a delicate nature just like ours. You will also see I have held 15000+ unique members.

Respect is all we have with our word sweet. You girls are first and
foremost in my book. To be honest the site is more for you girls then hobbyists although with one comes the other. Please give it a chance and make yourself at home. If you want to talk in person we can arrange that as well.

I forgot to add that I value ANY input you or your peers have to offer. How can it be a great board if I think I know everything?

Admin :)

Hello Admin :)

That is great! It's so good to see folks trying to do the right thing
with a new review board, and I'll do all I can to get the word out. I
was thinking that I would love to post our emails here on I'm With The Banned", rather than just summing it up. Your own words speak best, I think :)

Would that be ok?

It was, and so here it is :)

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Sorry For My Absence...

I've been both very busy and not been feeling well, and had to lighten the load. Now, however, I'm back, and will be posting information about new ethical boards, and new boards that feel we don't deserve good treatment despite the fact that without us, they wouldn't exist.