Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Types Of Problem Boards

In my experience problem boards can be roughly put into two categories;

Lawless Board Owners

This is where you hear about provider's reviews being held hostage in return for favours; a provider's reviews are removed from a board and the provider told that they won't be returned to her profile unless some type of favour is performed. That favour is usually unpaid sex. If that favour is not given, the provider is threatened with her business being ruined through whatever means the board owner has.

Malicious Core Posters

This is a board that has essentially been taken over by a core of members who create a hostile and dangerous board culture. They do this by using multiple handles to attack both providers and other male posters who do not toe the party line. If they are banned, they sign up again under a new handle. They are very hard to get rid of because they have more persistence and much more free time than most mods or owners and will spend hours daily on "their" board maintaining "their" values. They're a little bit like pesticide-immune cockroaches.

Usually these values are pronounced hostility to newbie male posters, particularily those who post a first review. If you are not one of the core, the validity of a newbie review will be rudely challenged and very often the newbie is accused of being a "shill", meaning the poster is either a friend of the provider or the provider herself. Shilling does happen on any board, but the reaction on these malicious boards is very much out of proportion to how often shilling really occurs. Basically, newbie males aren't welcome.

There is also an incredible amount of hostility towards providers. They are routinely attacked through degrading sexual comments, the posting of fake negative reviews that attack the woman's looks, intelligence and basic humanity. Routinely these reviews will declare the provider to be much heavier and older than she is, question her hygiene in the crudest terms possible, and that she had drug, alcohol, or mental problems. The last bit is included to pre-emptively discredit the provider who if she questions the fake, will be be ridiculed as drunk, stoned, or crazy, and that anything she may say is without merit. Most often the "reviewer" has not even met the provider, let alone had a session with her.

The Heavier/Stupid/Geriatric/Dirty/Drunk/Stoned/Crazy template is extremely common in fakes; if you see it in a review, particularily if the provider is questioning its validity, it's almost always a fake review. Watch for it. This "review" will often be posted on multiple boards under multiple handles as to cause maximum damage to a provider's reputation, and the provider followed to other boards she may post in and attacked there as well.

They will also hunt down a provider's real name and other personal information and post it publicly. This is extremely dangerous. They will poster a provider's neighbourhood to out her to landlords and neighbours. They may stalk the provider online or physically. They will contact the provider through emails and private messages threatening to divulge her information to the IRS/CCRA, law enforcement, family members, employers and child services. They will make similar threats to other male board members they dislike.

This hostility drives board members and potential board members away to other boards with a friendlier culture. This leaves the board owner watching his paying members -most often the providers - leave, and his revenue take a hit.

Really, these boards serve no-one well except the core members who've hijacked it. Lurkers are afraid to become newbie posters. Providers won't pay to advertise on a site used to damage her reputation and livelihood. There's alway a few members who try to stick around in hopes of making the board a better place, but they will eventually burn out and leave. Guys looking for valid information on providers move onto other sites as well.

The best thing to do is not allow that kind of destructive culture take hold on your board, because it can quickly deteriorate past the point of no return. It's not easy, and I really admire board owners and members who have been able to do that.


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