Sunday, March 12, 2006

How Do You Feel About Review Boards In General?

Let me know how you feel about review boards as a whole. If you are unhappy with them, how can we make them better? Is that even possible? Do you think review boards are essential to an escort's success? Do you allow reviews, or do you have a No Review Policy?


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Anonymous Lady Aster said...


I just want to say I completely support what you are doing here. I haven't been banned by any review boards (yet), but with my loud mouth it can't exactly take a long time. Please, more power! I think pro-provider, pro-woman review boards would be a wonderful thing- but the current establishment needs to go.

blessings and good fortune!

Lady Aster

2:42 PM  
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Blogger jane doe said...

That's just it; if you are an independent kind of gal with opinions and a mind to express them, you will end up banned, probably sooner rather than later. Why is that? Because the review board system in general, and problem boards in particular, reward compliance more than dignity. Not cool.

I applaud any board trying to work against that, but I think the essential nature of review boards works against them as much as it does us :(

11:56 AM  

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