Thursday, March 23, 2006

A Great Question I Received Today...

I had a gentleman ask today about how to obtain certain specific information about a woman's services if a woman does not have reviews; in this instance it was about CBJ or BBBJ. He prefers one over the other, and wants to know how to he might politely find out who may offer the service he likes without emailing or phoning with specific questions.

It's a valid concern, and I'd like to ask for your input. Myself, I specify on my website, but that may not work for everyone.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

I'm Liking The Blue Pond...

They seem friendly and respectful, and I noticed in the description of the new review section they've written;

We don't allow intimate details to honor the privacy of both parties involved.

I'd suggest that if you permit reviews that you only allow them on sites that allow you and your clients dignity and privacy. We MUST support the sites that are listening to us!

I am going change my No Review Policy today to a list of approved sites where reviews are a supportive resource rather than a way to tear us down.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

This Is Moving In The Right Direction...

This is from the splash page of the TnA Review;

Welcome to the TnA Review
The TnA Review - Escort Reviews

Please join us on the TnA. It’s easy to create a user account and join us on the discussion boards. Become part of our community and give us your opinions on important topics.

We recognize that escort reviews are the Internet's way of monitoring the adult services market and we will do our utmost to moderate and ensure reviews are the most accurate as expressed by the hobbyist on the internet today.

“You can’t please all of the people all of the time”. The TnA feels that a single poor review should not ruin a provider’s reputation. We have given space for providers to respond to ALL their reviews.

And this is a posting by a member;

FINALLY a Provider Friendly Review Site.

The TnA Review gives providers a place to respond FREE to their Reviews.
Responding to unfair or false review lets you defend yourself FAIRLY.
Responding to good reviews is an excellent way to educate future clients on how to make sure their session is “special” as well. eg. Flowers, perfume, etc

Your TnA Review does NOT have to be explicit to be posted.
The TnA Review gives providers a special area for themselves. This section is available through the Provider Entrance Only! Information here is controlled by YOU! This is a confidential section and is only available to providers.

Please come and sign up for your FREE PROVIDER account today.
Please submit your website for a FREE review and posting on the TnA site review section.

Let’s bring providers and hobbyists together on a LEVEL playing field at the TnA.

If this board operates as it claims, I'm impressed. I'm joining their blog option, and I'll see how it goes...take a boo yourself at their URL below.

The TnA Review

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Types Of Problem Boards

In my experience problem boards can be roughly put into two categories;

Lawless Board Owners

This is where you hear about provider's reviews being held hostage in return for favours; a provider's reviews are removed from a board and the provider told that they won't be returned to her profile unless some type of favour is performed. That favour is usually unpaid sex. If that favour is not given, the provider is threatened with her business being ruined through whatever means the board owner has.

Malicious Core Posters

This is a board that has essentially been taken over by a core of members who create a hostile and dangerous board culture. They do this by using multiple handles to attack both providers and other male posters who do not toe the party line. If they are banned, they sign up again under a new handle. They are very hard to get rid of because they have more persistence and much more free time than most mods or owners and will spend hours daily on "their" board maintaining "their" values. They're a little bit like pesticide-immune cockroaches.

Usually these values are pronounced hostility to newbie male posters, particularily those who post a first review. If you are not one of the core, the validity of a newbie review will be rudely challenged and very often the newbie is accused of being a "shill", meaning the poster is either a friend of the provider or the provider herself. Shilling does happen on any board, but the reaction on these malicious boards is very much out of proportion to how often shilling really occurs. Basically, newbie males aren't welcome.

There is also an incredible amount of hostility towards providers. They are routinely attacked through degrading sexual comments, the posting of fake negative reviews that attack the woman's looks, intelligence and basic humanity. Routinely these reviews will declare the provider to be much heavier and older than she is, question her hygiene in the crudest terms possible, and that she had drug, alcohol, or mental problems. The last bit is included to pre-emptively discredit the provider who if she questions the fake, will be be ridiculed as drunk, stoned, or crazy, and that anything she may say is without merit. Most often the "reviewer" has not even met the provider, let alone had a session with her.

The Heavier/Stupid/Geriatric/Dirty/Drunk/Stoned/Crazy template is extremely common in fakes; if you see it in a review, particularily if the provider is questioning its validity, it's almost always a fake review. Watch for it. This "review" will often be posted on multiple boards under multiple handles as to cause maximum damage to a provider's reputation, and the provider followed to other boards she may post in and attacked there as well.

They will also hunt down a provider's real name and other personal information and post it publicly. This is extremely dangerous. They will poster a provider's neighbourhood to out her to landlords and neighbours. They may stalk the provider online or physically. They will contact the provider through emails and private messages threatening to divulge her information to the IRS/CCRA, law enforcement, family members, employers and child services. They will make similar threats to other male board members they dislike.

This hostility drives board members and potential board members away to other boards with a friendlier culture. This leaves the board owner watching his paying members -most often the providers - leave, and his revenue take a hit.

Really, these boards serve no-one well except the core members who've hijacked it. Lurkers are afraid to become newbie posters. Providers won't pay to advertise on a site used to damage her reputation and livelihood. There's alway a few members who try to stick around in hopes of making the board a better place, but they will eventually burn out and leave. Guys looking for valid information on providers move onto other sites as well.

The best thing to do is not allow that kind of destructive culture take hold on your board, because it can quickly deteriorate past the point of no return. It's not easy, and I really admire board owners and members who have been able to do that.

Monday, March 13, 2006

No sympathy for big pimpin' boards; no man slaps me around, and neither do problem review boards.

I have received a number of emails telling me that starting this board will put me in danger. That's exactly why this board is necessary; we should not have to be afraid. I will report anything that happens to me here, as it only reinforces the need for this board's creation. None of this is new; problem escort review boards have had years to get it together and respect the women who make their business possible. If they have not, I have little sympathy.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

How Do You Feel About Review Boards In General?

Let me know how you feel about review boards as a whole. If you are unhappy with them, how can we make them better? Is that even possible? Do you think review boards are essential to an escort's success? Do you allow reviews, or do you have a No Review Policy?

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Have You Been Treated Badly By a Review Board?

Review boards that use bullying, extortion, and censorship as regular business practices and that encourage clients to post "enhanced" reviews are a disgrace to the industry and demean both escorts and clients. And they make their money from us, escorts and clients. Unless a review board is supportive of fair business practices and of the dignity of both escorts and clients, it is nothing more than a parasite.

"Do what I say or I'll destroy you".
"Make me my money, bitch, and keep your mouth shut".

What does that sound like to you? Like a pimp maybe? Doesn't everybody hate pimps? Then why do we have corrupt review boards acting as defacto pimps? Without reviews, review boards can't generate income. They're counting on us, escorts and clients, to continue to generate income for them and while we're at it, smile, look pretty, and shut the fuck up.

Do we want to be these board's bitch? Ladies? Gentlemen?

If not, tell me why. Were you banned without cause? Did someone try to extort sex from you and threaten to use the boards to ruin your business if you didn't comply? Guys, did you have reviews not published because you refused to endanger escorts by saying they provided services that they did not provide?

Let me know. I think there are many of us; and if so, we have the power to make Escortlandia a hell of a lot better. As well, are there boards or resources that you think operate fairly? I can add them to the IWTB approved links in the sidebar.

Also...I am not sure there won't be some kind of retaliation for this, so use an alias if you think that may be a problem.